Regulatory Compliance Manager for Real Estate & Infrastructure

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  • Manage Real Estate, Construction & Infrastructure inspections activities
  • Contribute to KSA Vision 2030


A mega project focussing on a large scale mixed use development. It involves development of a large scale county

Job Description

- Provide support to manage Real Estate, Construction & Infrastructure inspections activities with regulatory mechanisms and coordinate all compliance and enforcement activities with relevant departments.

-Regulatory Compliance: Stay informed about local and regulations, building codes, and safety standards relevant to real estate, construction, and infrastructure projects and ensure that all projects and properties comply with these regulations.- Plan pro-active inspections to ensure on-going compliance with standards and codes.

- Serve as a contact point for any external queries or appeals regarding compliance and enforcement decisions related to his unit.

- Inspection Planning and Scheduling: Develop inspection schedules for construction and infrastructure projects and real estate properties, based on project timelines and regulatory requirements and prioritize high-risk or complex projects for more frequent inspections.

- Quality Control Inspections: Assess the quality of construction work, materials, and processes during various project stages, including preconstruction, construction, and post-construction phases and identify and address construction defects, deviations from plans, and noncompliance issues.

- Infrastructure Inspection: Inspect infrastructure assets, such as roads, bridges, utilities, and public facilities, to assess their condition, identify maintenance needs, and ensure public safety.

Competenze ed esperienza

Written and Oral proficiency of Arabic & English languages.

Excellent communication skills.

Time management and organization skills.

Familiarity with standards, regulations, best practices, and performance standards.

Maintains a high standard of professionalism, presentation, personal integrity, and customer support

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Apart from attractive remuneration, a golden opportunity to be part of an exciting mega project

Saurabh Kohli
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Saurabh Kohli
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