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  • Italian Oil&Gas company
  • Manage International Oil&Gas Projects - EPC


Italian company operating in the Oil&Gas sector

Job Description

The duties and responsibilities of the candidates are the following:The PM shall be responsible to manage and coordinate planning, cost controlling, design activities, material requisitioning, procurement and construction for the whole duration of the project. He is the sole Client interface who shall report to General Manager.
He is responsible for critically reviewing engineering interfaces with process and procurement, dealing with both technical and economic-scheduling aspects.
He reports functionally to General Manager.
In particular:
* he monitors that all discipline teams involved in the Project are timely fed of needed inputs for the execution of their activities and when detects holding situations manages to remove the blocks;
* he distributes basic documentation, ascertaining that all persons involved receive what is necessary for the performance of their own activities, and is responsible for subsequent updating;
* he is supervising the timely issuance of the basic design and detailed design for Client review/approval;
* he collaborates with Project Planning Manager in preparing the Project master plan. He verifies congruity between the departments detailed plans. He ensures that plan variations are smoothly understood and put into effect by the persons assigned to the Project;
* he supervise any design alternatives proposed by the specialist sections, in particular to verify their congruence with schedules and budget;
* he checks if any requests from Client to verify whether they belong to the scope of work, or may generate change orders;
* he ascertain the utilisation of general specifications and standards for the Project;
* he supervises the activities of the Project engineers;
* he signs technical documents for authorisation (specifications, drawings, etc.);
* he verifies technical/commercial tabulations and takes part as PM in Contractual negotiations with major suppliers;
* upon request from site, he coordinates the explanations and information as required during the erection and installation phases;
* he assimilates field requirements and reschedules head office activities accordingly;
* he calls meetings among the various disciplines to verify Project progress;

Competenze ed esperienza

− Languages: Fluent English
− Field of Experience: Oil & Gas Sectors (Upstream/Downstream Plants)
− Work Experience: 5/10 years
− Work Experience (as PM or PEM): 5 years in the position
− Qualification: University/Degree in Mechanical/Chemical/Electrical Engineering
− Based in Rome
− Availability: available to travel

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Gianluca Iacobelli
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