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  • Experienced Digital Marketing Specialist, Digital Engagement, Graphic Design,
  • Experienced in: Social media, Graphic Design, CMS, SQl, HTML, SEO


Pension Fund Organisation

Job Description

Job description:

  • Corporate Image
    • Oversight for brand consistent communications across all digital platforms, applying best practices to the design of product content.
    • Expert knowledge and use of desktop productivity and publishing applications (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher, Visio).
    • Maintain index of incoming and outgoing forms and reports to stakeholders, ensure electronic document quality, standardisation.
    • Expert understanding and use of graphic design tools & principles, good understanding of multimedia (formats, codecs, resolution, quality, compression, filters, layers, vectors, OCR, bitrate, etc.)
    • Establish and maintain stock imagery for use in branding and marketing, standardise colour palettes, fonts, and shapes.
    • Update email signatures to keep information relevant and leverage to communicate other campaign information simultaneously (Visual design concepts, awards, traceable links, surveys, legal disclaimer).
    • Provide technical input into any re-branding or re-design exercises of engagement platforms to ensure all technical areas are addressed.
  • Online presence:
    • Assisting business with unique and technical website updates in WordPress, Divi Builder & custom fields (new plugins & updates, new page structures, sections, frames, menus, surveys & data submission forms, SMTP configuration, human validations).
    • Manage day-to-day handling of channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google Reviews
    • Manage all search engine optimisation, appropriate tagging, identify keywords, frequent search queries and emerging trends, with constant feedback to business, striving to increase audience reach.
    • Develop and maintain the FAQ database
    • Review and refine ease of access to information, leveraging advancements in technology (e.g. Indexing site content, Chatbots, AI, documents availability in client portal).
    • Monitor online platforms and report back to business on all external parties' publications (news articles, mentions, posts, comments, reviews, information, etc.).
  • Analytics & Reporting:
    • Overall responsibility on the input, operation, tracking and reporting capabilities of customer satisfaction platforms (i.e. IT Helpdesk, Dynamics CRM, website queries, capable social media platforms). Update and maintain categories, escalation paths, response times, service ratings, monthly reporting capabilities etc.
    • Provide input on ways to collect, collate, and log all formal complaints from various digital platforms, into the Fund's Complaints Register, and possible solutions to resolve complaints or avoid them altogether.
    • Implement, monitor, extract and provide analytical feedback on all possible metrics from various online platforms (visits, hits, likes, shares, calls, queries, complaints, etc.) from the Fund's digital platforms, (e.g. Google Analytics 4 on website, Google Reviews, Facebook Business Account, etc.)trigger immediate contact and assist business processes.
    • Monitor platforms
    • Report on member data quality to improve kept information and communications (e.g. missing cell number, email and web password), and assist in data improvement projects (i.e. enrichment exercises).
    • Performance test, measure, report, and improve site and application load times, errors and crashes.
    • Review, research, test and innovate UI designs of digital platforms to improve ease of use, input and access to information.
    • Establish and maintain an intranet server
  • Compliance
    • Ensure Fund branding conventions and requirements are implemented across all digital engagement platforms.
    • Ensure all acquired and published content does not infringe on any individual's privacy or copyright.
    • Ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability of all stakeholder and Fund information and systems.
    • Collaborate with the ICT Security Manager
    • Collaborate with the Information Officer

Competenze ed esperienza


  • Bachelors Degree - Marketing or IT
  • Certifications or qualifications in Certifications in Analytics, Social Media Marketing, Graphic design, CMS platforms, SQL/HTML, SEO

Additional requirements:

  • Digital marketing, Digital engagement
  • Candidates must have worked on a CMS platform, and have been involved with Social Media Marketing, Graphic Design, and understand Web API integrations, authentication and encryption methods.

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  • Pension Fund
  • 13th cheque
  • Discretionary Annual performance bonus
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