Data Analyst and BI/CRM Specialist

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  • Data Analyst and BI/CRM Specialist - Veterinary company
  • CRM - BI projects


Our client, a leading multinational veterinary company, is looking for a Data Analyst and BI/CRM Specialist

Job Description

Within the frame of Sales department, provide support the creation and implementation of commercial strategies by supplying data and information.
Works as a link between the field and sales operations; acquires sales information and drafts any documentation and KPI's needed to regularly monitor sales progress and trends.
Within the frame of CRM / BI projects, is in charge of preparing and entering data in the platform according to both local and corporate guidelines.MISSIONS OF THE POSITION

- Is responsible for the preparation of data to be used analysed, in what deals with integrity and quality. Within this framework, he/she makes sure that:

1) database structure is consistent with output requirements;

2)required information is consistently integrated into the different systems;

3)the importance of data quality and integrity becomes is perceived and made concrete in daily operations by the stakeholders involved

- Is responsible for the collection, analysis, and reporting of sell-in & sell-out data, related to increase overall sales productivity from the sales force; analyses business operations - including wholesalers' stocks - to establish a baseline for future commercial actions. Works with forecasting by providing the necessary information and guidance - Creates both standardised and custom reports, carries out quantitative product, customer and territory sales analysis.
Creates ad hoc reporting tools for sales, marketing, pricing, business planning, and product management.- Develops and maintains models and reporting tools allowing to identify costs per SKU (by function, territory…).
Monitors KPI's requests for approved business plans.

- Provides Sales force team members with sales data information needed to improve their performance. Promotes and enlivens good practices of information sharing from the field

- Is responsible for the preparation and integration of data into CRM platform(s). Supports both the internal and external sales team members using and leveraging on the CRM platform(s) features.Contributes to spreading the CRM culture in the subsidiary, by tuning the tool to the needs expressed through the business strategy, and keeping a constant line of communication on available features and relevant use.Sets and monitors KPI / metrics dedicated to CRM adoption and sales force effectiveness (maintenance: average daily calls, coverage…) in alignment with local requirements and global guidelines

Competenze ed esperienza


- University Degree in BA/ Economics/Statistics

- Advanced Knowledge of common IT tools

- Fluent English

- Carry out complex analyses

- Plan and carry out multiple tasks

- Manager a large product portfolio

- Create and maintain relations

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