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We are committed to designing new products that tackle some of the largest current world health issues, (eg. antibiotic resistance, emerging diseases, pandemics, and cancer) all with the aim of producing safe and potent vaccines cheaply and efficiently.

We all focus on solving major global health problems leveraging on an exclusive concentrated know-how combined with the best-in-class synergies, collaborations and joint ventures. Our goal is quickly producing high quality vaccines at affordable prices.



We promote continuous contamination, firmly respecting the differences between us and our partners, in and outside our labs. We believe that “difference” (gender, age, culture, profession) is the “mother of learning”. 


Disruptive ideas, passionate experts and powerful new technologies will enable AchilleS Vaccines to create new generation vaccines and bio-molecules to prevent and treat infections and help solve the emerging threat of antimicrobial resistance.


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